Power W
Isolate VDC
Fixed-In Isolation Unregulated Out Fixed-In Isolation regulated Out 2:1 Wide In Isolation Regulated Out 4:1 Wide In Isolation Regulated Out Ultra-lower power isolation DC-DC Hi-Isolate 4500Vrms Medical DC-DC No-isolation DC-DC Wide Input Isolation multi-output AC-DC DC-ACModule
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  BBT-China Electronic Co.,Ltd is a leading manufacture of DC/DC converters & RS232/485/422 communication Interface converter & Surger-Lightning protect module & network filter/transformer in China .We have got certifications like as CE/ISO9001 and some patents. Our products’ designs conform to international standard, and are compatible to almost all famous brands of the world. They are mainly applied in electric power,Telecom, Instruments and Meters, Medical equipments, Auto-electron, Safety protection , IP communication , War industry etc. Our products have got the trust of many famous companies of the world. If you want to know more about our company and the latest product information, please visit our website or contact us directly.