Power W
Isolate VDC
Fixed-In Isolation Unregulated Out Fixed-In Isolation regulated Out 2:1 Wide In Isolation Regulated Out 4:1 Wide In Isolation Regulated Out Ultra-lower power isolation DC-DC Hi-Isolate 4500Vrms Medical DC-DC No-isolation DC-DC Wide Input Isolation multi-output AC-DC DC-ACModule
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Nature of your company: Manufacturer Dealer Others
Need Product Character:
Output power:
0.1-0.5W 0.5W 1W 2W 3W
4W 5W 10W other  
Input voltage:
5V 9V 12V 15V 24V
48V 4.5~9V 9-18V 18-36 36-72V
9-36 18-72 AC110 AC220 other
Supply Power:
Switch regulated power supply Regulated power supply
Battery/charge battery AC110-220
Linear power supply
Output voltage:
Single Output Double Output Multi Output
Ouput voltage Accuracy:
± 1% ± 2% ± 5% Linear
Output Ripple Wave:
5 mVp-pMAX 20 mVp-pMAX 50 mVp-pMAX
100 mVp-pMAX other  
Load Characteristic:
Analog Circuit Digital Circuit Signal Circuit
Isolation Voltage:
Non-Isolation 1000VDC 1500VDC
3000VDC 6000VDC other
SIP DIP SMD others
Size: Long mm Width mm High mm
Operation temperature: Maximum temperature
Minimum temperature
Specific application of the DC-DC converter your company purchased:
Voltage Transform Digital Interface Conversion  
Voltage Stabilization Industrial Control  
Data Collection Lighting proof r
High Voltage Isolation Protection Surge Elimination  
10/100M Base-T Isolate proof  
Digital Interface Conversion 232-485 Converte  
Noise Isolation and Elimination    
Product Type developed, produced and serviced mainly by your company:
Data transmission Equipment Copying data system
Portable Equipment Telecommunication Equipment
Instrument and Meter Equipment Medical Treatment Equipment
Industrial Control Equipment Railway System Equipment
Electric Power System Equipment Computer and Network Equipment
IP-Telephone Automobile Electronic Equipment
Security circuit Lighting Monitor, Public Security Equipment